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Pull This Pin

April 8, 2018

let this world 



Plastik//Dragoness Horns:Reach
              Dragoness Wings:Rare
              Dragoness Wrist Cuffs
                                            @ Lootbox
              w/ Trap:Athana Skin:Haruki

Zibska//Chie Eyemakeup
              Shizuko Lips

                                           @ Neo-Japan
//Laurette Headwear:Onyx
Balaclava//Apollo Septum Ring
CerberusXing//Hell's Harbinger:Holographic+Silver 
Little Bones//Vita
Masoom//Juno Gloves:Rare
Reign//Olivia Heels
The Forge//Plasmoid Katana @ Neo-Japan
Voluptas Virtualis//Noa:Upper Arm, White


Model:Psyche Scribe
Set:BoildEgg//Neo-Wave Skybox:Rare @ Neo-Japan


The last of the dragons... 

but Fantasy Fair 2018 will be happening soon, so the above may be a lie. 

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