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You Run the Company

fuck like a Kennedy

Keep Your Apology

Give us more Detonation.

Yellow feat. Plastik+Trap//Koen Skin:Gilded Gold Dragoness Horns:Regal, Filigree Tail (Rare), Wings (Rare) @ Lootbox Kokolores//Max Hair @ SaNaRae Jumo//Geo Makeup V-Tech//Spiked Pasties Riot//Riot Leather Pants: Cocoa, Spiked Leather Jacket:Mustard Bamse//Liberator Golden .Shi X Messiah//Ginosko w/ Tassels

Set by Anxiety

Black feat.

Plastik//Myaamira Skin Dragoness Horns:Spiral, Wings (Rare) @ Lootbox Soul//Space Cat Eyes:Tropical (limited edition, no longer available) Zibska//Stelara Eye Makeup @ SaNaRae A&Y//Nephilim Cyber Top Shu Mesh//Prosthetic Hands Gabriel//Cyber Ninja pants Letituier//Rock Hair Set by Paparazzi

Model//Psyche Scribe

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