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Mercury in Retroglam

feat. Zibska//Alured Lips

Volthair//Octavia:Chains (Lootbox Rare) Bauhaus Movement//Interdimensional Hyperdrive:Silver (The Project Se7en) Hashbang//Cyber Visor Glasses:Black/Teal

Pseudo//Kayla top & panty:Hollywood (N21) Hucci//Viro Boots:Orange (November Pocket Gacha) Codex//Sadystika Bento Gloves (Kinky Event)


Plastik//Cathere Mirror:Galaxy & Space (fat pack bonus colors) Anxiety//Escape Display box Escape Redemption sign Antinatural//Hospital for Souls:Padded Room (Lootbox) No Signal//Old Comic Room Mini-Table:Wood 2 Old Comic Room Sofa:Purple FakeIcon//T-o Love Hotel Gacha:I Want You neon T-o Love Hotel Gacha:Holo Plant Primal//Critique 22" HD Tablet:Black Toro//Stacked Television:VHS

Model//Psyche Scribe Pose//included in chair.

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