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Christmas Future v3.78266.149.7

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow

Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below

feat. Kokolores//LouLou hair:VIP Group Gift December (VIP Group free to join til December 31! + Xmas Sale: 40% off almost everything) Plastik//Nailpolishes:Brightened @ Winter's Hollow (closes December 28!) Zibska//Themis Adornments + Orbit Group Gift!

Esta Eyemakeup + Lips @ Project Se7en (opening December 30!) r2a/d/e//Nanoha Jacket + Pants AlaskaMetro//Glimmer Eyebrows Empire//Coffin Nails:Ultra Masoom//Raven Gloves:Black Lelutka//Beast Teeth 1.1 Glam Affair//Carol:Arctic w/ GAxPF V-tech applier Set//Foxcity:Starstruck LTD (Limit8 exclusive) Pose//Foxcity:Numb Bento Poses Model//Psyche Scribe

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