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For Sale:

feat. Plastik//Amalthe Ears:Horn:Tail //Nyota Cuffs //Kawaii Okashi Gacha @ The Arcade Rea Star Cake Strawberry Rollcake Arizona Desert Platter Saucer of Rea Jellies SECRET RARE Birdylove Cookieplate SECRET RARE Zibska//Eyeshadow:04 Set A, Lips:Set A @ PocketGacha Pari Eyes @ BodyFy Adored//Tinsel Brows:#3 Turquoise Dream Addams//Lupe Disco Body Yummy//Stella Rings Letituier//Jade & Lili Hairs (stacked) Slackgirl//Shine Mesh Nails @ Swank Since 1975//Cigarette:Leopard & Lipstick Pose//Foxcity:Red Hot Bento Set Set//Anxiety:Goodnight Model//Psyche Scribe

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