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If you...

November 15, 2016

Generally, I try to stay out of politics in Second Life. They cause a  great deal of dissention and pain for many; and this cycle is an absolute tire fire.
There are so many questions for so many people. 
Personally, I wonder if my rights will be taken away. If my marriage will still be valid in the next four years. I worry for a great many people who have already experienced violence and hatred. 
For these reasons, and so many more -  I offer my support and acceptance - I am a safe space for those in need or in danger. 
There is so much more I can say on this, but Berry has put it all beautifully. Go visit her and see what she said so much more eloquently than I could hope to. 

(this ramble was pre-coffee. I reserve the right to edit my words as I realize I can't keep a coherent thought in my head for 90 consecutive seconds)


Plastik//Varyne Skin:Male (50LF special edition)
S0ng//Vale:Teal Eye
CerberusXiing//Spiked Gloss & Venom Septum
Curemore//Shinjuku Rioters:Classic Cigarette @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Mandala//Male Chain Choker @ TMD
Letis Tattoo//Safety Pin:100%
Dead Apples//3D:Chocolate (MP Only)
Aii//Battle Scars:Cheek X & Kitty
Titzuki//Oversize patches fur:Emerald @ The Coven
RealEvil Industries//Legend Scarf:L'Homme group gift

Model//Psyche Scribe
Set//oOo:Studio Grunge Photo Space

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